Hi- I’m Becky.

I’m the one behind the IAQ.  I have been a pattern designer for over 8 years.  The online world is kind of my playground.  I love to explore new techniques, designs and then make patterns so others can give it a try as well.

I found that an in person quilt group or guild was sometimes a little tricky to attend.  I wouldn’t always have the time in the schedule or the ability to attend a monthly meeting.  This was pretty frustrating as I was finding myself behind in projects the groups were doing…. I was also missing out on signing up for swaps and other fun members activities.

Starting the online quilt group in 2014– it was a way to allow others who have the same issues…whether it’s the schedule or the location or whatever… to have a spot to go for a quilt group.

We are just like your in person quilt group.  We have Block of the months, challenges, swaps & fun projects we can work together on.   In addition– the featured guest designer was added.  This was a way to connect designers and quilters from around the world.  Maybe it’s someone you have never heard of.  Maybe it’s someone you just would never have an opportunity to attend a lecture or class from.  The internet is our connection so we can visit and sew along –learning a new technique or style from someone else.  It’s a way to explore your creativity in something that you wouldn’t necessarily pick on your own…..but in the end are so glad it was there!  There is no missing out on anything.  You’ll only need to login on your own schedule and time.

The group is always growing and in 2017 a few new things are being introduced.— like an easier to follow monthly schedule, monthly meetups online, and a few other goodies you’ll find out about as they happen!

If you are interested in becoming a member – you are more than welcome to join any time during the year.