Fresh Start with Becky & the IAQ

Fresh Start

1 week of guests, activities, inspiration and fun!

January 25th-28th 2022

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Let's begin the year - ready and inspired to sew!

Time to take a breather from your busy schedule,
'start this year right'
and have some fun with other quilters.

Hi – I’m Becky, owner of the IAQ, an online quilt group.¬† After sewing alone for way to long, I have given other quilters in the same situation a community to quilt, share and inspire.

As the host of this years¬† ‘Fresh Start’ I promise you’ll have some fun, be inspired and love sewing again!


our Guests


Sheri will be chatting all about organizing your room. Taking your fabric, books, magazines, patterns and giving them space and organizing system.

Join us for a wonderful educational chat with the Warm Company! They will be sharing their wisdom all about batting.


Carrie will be sharing her vast knowledge about needles and thread, giving us a great jump off point for our upcoming projects.

+ Show & Tell Evening

As a participant in our Fresh Start you'll be able to join us for an evening of Show & Tell just for members!
Bring whatever you have been sewing up, finished or just beginning.
This is a wonderful evening to make connections with other quilters, build friendships and of course be inspired by what is being shared.

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Immediate access, recurring payment, cancel anytime.

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