Sampler of 2018

Today we are starting off the year with a big bang— the Sampler of 2018!  There isn’t currently a finished quilt (still sewing up the last little bit of my blocks, before sewing the whole top together). When it’s complete, you will be the first to see!  We will begin the series by gathering our fabrics….then next week, the block weekly assignments will start!

This week, you’ll also download a tracking sheet for the blocks.  This will help you keep track of what you’ve sewn and kind of an idea of the blocks as well.

I am so excited to sew along with you and build this quilt together! It will be a wonderful year, full of sewing and new friends!

Sampler of 2018

92″ X 97″

Dates to remember:

Weekly block and sewing assignments will be posted on Tuesdays.  You’ll get an email reminder of them as well!

Materials Needed:
included in the download below

Print off the materials list, a coloring page, tracking sheet and list for the Sampler here–>   Sampler of 2018 Tracking sheets

Included in the pdf:

  • coloring page
  • tracking sheet – list style. You can mark an X when sewn, how many blocks and the size of the blocks + notes, date
  • tracking sheet – block style. You’ll see an image for the blocks and can add: size, # and notes if needed
  • materials list – picture with color sections for helping with fabric placement. Materials list by color on image

Feel free to ask questions in the community area or the fb group. Share your progress as well!


Additional Products to help you:

Hints & Tips 

  • Quilting 101:    Quilting 101 –  great place to start for beginners or quick reminders of topics you might need some guidance or questions on.
  • When will blocks be posted?
    • Every Tuesday – email will be sent with information, link and other fun activities happening in the group!
  • What are the weekly assignments like?
    • They are typically going to be 2 quilt blocks / weekly.  Some might be more– they will be filler blocks or simple quilt blocks combined for the assignment. When the blocks are complete, the assignments will turn to piecing sections together, borders, etc.
  • How long is the Sampler?
    • All of 2018 – this is going to be a year long quilt project. By the end of 2018, you’ll have a completed quilt top

Share your blocks, ask questions and find inspiration in the forum & group for the Sampler of 2018.

Current Sampler Weeks:

Quilt Block Helpful Hints:

  1. After cutting the pieces—>  (don’t subcut anything until you are ready to sit and sew)

2. After subcutting your fabric, lay the block out on a small cutting mat, large ruler, iron board or design square to transfer from station to station.

3. Keep your blocks more organized by sewing a strip of paper into the seam 1/8″.  Keep it under 1/4″.  Write the block and week.  If the blocks get missplaced, you’ll know when and what block it is.  The blocks won’t be sewn together for a bit, so this will help keep them all together. Also- if you are printing the pattern you can pin them to that as well.

4. Update your tracking sheets when you complete the blocks. You can mark how many are sewn, the size of the blocks, week sewn, etc.

Download Weekly Files Directly from here: