Add a label to your quilt

Have you finished the yearly BOM or maybe the quilt from the Quilting Bee… it’s time to add the finishing touch with a quilt label!

Instructions for printing the quilt labels can be found at the bottom of the page. 

You can choose to print in color or black and white. Either will work. 

*note that all patterns don’t have them, but if you need one added – please tell us here.

Dutch Garden

2022 BOM / pattern here

Download label here


2021 BOM / pattern here

Download label here

Cabin Under the Stars

2021 Quilting Bee / pattern here

Download label here

Picking Flowers

2020 Quilting Bee / pattern here

Download label here

Seasons of Friendship

2020 BOM / pattern here

Download label here


2020 BOM / pattern here

Download label here

Holiday Mystery

2019 Quilting Bee / pattern here

Download label here

Quilt Label Fabric

June Tailor has a great product that Carol has used for her label. 

You can check it out here.

Carol used her label on the corner of her quilt before she put her binding on. PERFECT!

How To Print & Use the Quilt Labels

Each pdf file has 2 different layouts on one page.   This gives you a choice as to what you want to use. 

After printing, use a permanent marker with a thin tip to write your name or add anything else to the label. Press it again with a dry iron to set if you’d like.

Materials Needed:

freezer paper

fabric – light in color, minimal print

scissors or rotary cutter

printer – ink jet, NOT one with a powder / heat cartridge

Micron pen for writing

1)  Iron your fabric muslin is ok. or any other light fabric that you have on hand or want to use- IRON it to the shiny side of freezer paper.

2)  Cut to paper size 8 x 11.  I found that laying a normal piece of paper on top and cutting around the edges was the easiest.

3) Stick it into the printer.  Print off the label in color or b/w.  The freezer paper is a bit thinner and still a little too pliable for the printer and can get jammed.  I found that I had to put a piece of cardstock on the backside {touching the freezer paper} and taping in 3 places along the top edge.  That way the fabric + freezer paper didn’t roll away from the cardstock.  Just a thought.

Make sure that your paper and fabric are placed in the right place.  I place the fabric down in the printer because it rolls it up and prints on that bottom side. Just pay attention, so you don’t drive yourself batty trying to figure it out.

Peel off the freezer paper.

Now that you have that down– it’s time to make a few quilt labels with this method.

Extra hints and tips for using freezer paper for quilting:

1 – The freezer paper can be used many many many times over!
2 – This is a good way to transfer embroidery designs, as long as they are small enough to fit through your machine.
3 – Choose fabric with a high thread count to ensure better printing.
4 – Treat the fabric first with Bubble Jet to make it colorfast if it’s a bright red or blue color…or anything you think would bleed.
5 – Cut fabric and paper slightly larger than 8.5″ x 11″ just before ironing the fabric to the freezer paper, then cut the fabric stuck to the freezer paper to 8.5″ x 11″. This will help prevent the fabric from peeling back and jamming up in the printer.

Triangle Label

After printing the label – cut the square using the outline as a guide.

Fold the label in half diagonally to make a triangle.

The name of the quilt and information will be along the top edge but not touching.  

Give the label a good press with a dry iron to crease it. 

Lay the triangle label in the corner of the quilt – backside BEFORE you put the binding on. 

Two edges of the triangle will match along 2 edges of the quilt on the corner.  Stitch this down with your machine using less than a 1/4″ so it won’t show on the front. This will keep it secure and in place. Continue with the binding as normal.

The top folded edge will be floppy – you’ll want to stitch this down by hand using a whip stitch or ladder stitch to hide the thread. You’ll only be catching the top layer of the fabric it’s on so your stitches won’t show on the front.

Horizontal Label

After printing the label, cut the bottom part off using the line on the triangle label as your guide.

This label requires you to fold under the edges 1/4″ before attaching to your quilt back. 

Fold under the edges and press with dry iron. 

Place on the back of quilt where you’d like it to go. 

Pin in place and hand stitch the label down, using a ladder stitch or whip stitch catching one layer of the fabric so the stitches don’t show on the front.

If you’d like, you can trim down prior to pressing the edge under to the size you’d like. Adjust the size to what will work for you and your quilt.