The technique of paper piecing (sometimes called foundation paper piecing) uses a drawn or printed pattern as a base to stitch on directly, and can help you achieve complicated patchwork with perfect piecing.

Teacher: Lucy Blum

I have always loved to sew! I started sewing garments and home decor when in middle school, around 10 or 11. After a break of about 25 years I bought a new sewing machine  and started learning to quilt in early 2016. I love to learn so I’ve taken a lot of classes and workshops, including classes at the Houston International quilt festival and QuiltCon.

After moving to the San Antonio, Texas area I joined 3 quilt guilds! I enjoy teaching and have taught quilting classes and techniques through our local school district, my local library, and at guild meetings.

I love the color and design elements in fabrics. My favorite part is choosing fabrics and picking out patterns to make. I also have an art background in photography and painting, which helps with the quilt making process.

When I retire from my office job next year I hope to have time to finish all of my orphan quilts, or UFO’s, and design quilt patterns.

Download the Storm at Sea Pattern here

Download the cutting instructions here

Paper Piecing – Intro

In these videos you’ll learn about Paper Piecing – the basic process, the supplies and what fabrics work best. 

This month we’ll focus on gathering our supplies, sharing our fabric choices and getting ready for next month when we’ll be sewing the center section of the Storm At Sea block.

Paper Piecing – Supplies

Paper Piecing – Supplies

Supplies mentioned in the video:

Carol Doaks Foundation paper

Copy / Printer Paper

Add a Quarter Inch Ruler (optional)

Fabric Glue Pen (optional)

Water Pen (optional)

Paper Piecing – Fabric Choices

Paper Piecing – Fabric Choices

Materials you’ll need:

3 fabric are needed for this project:

Light, medium and dark

Pick nice contrasting fabric, remember that smaller prints and solids work well for paper piecing projects. 

Share your fabrics for this project in the gallery here.

Paper Piecing – Block Examples

Some examples of the Storm At Sea Quilt Block that we will begin sewing next month.

This may help you decide your fabric choice. 

If you’d like, you can also choose only one light and one dark,  or go scrappy and have some fun!

Coming up next….. cutting and sewing the center of the block.

Paper Piecing – Cutting the Center

Paper Piecing – Prep for Sewing

Paper Piecing – How to use the quarter inch ruler

Paper Piecing – Sew the Center Unit part 1

Paper Piecing – Sew the Center Unit part 2

Paper Piecing – Sewing the Corner Blocks

Paper Piecing – Sewing the Border Blocks

Paper Piecing – Assembly

Paper Piecing – Assembly cont.

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