Your Next Step

Now that you’re here inside the IAQ, let’s talk about your next steps. I’d say that your very next steps would be to:

INTRODUCE YOURSELF: go to the community forums and complete your profile there and put in a little post, your first post. Your first post can be your introduction post and tell everybody a little bit about you and your story, how you came into sewing and quilting, who taught you, what drew you to fabric and thread! Introduce yourself here.

START SEWING WITH US: the next thing I’d like you to do is kind of take a look around at our most recent lessons or classes and block of the months. Decide what you are going to sew along with us. There is always something getting started, so you are just in time to pop in and sew along with us. Start here.

SHARE YOUR PROJECTS: we’d love to see what you have been working on (no matter what level of quilter you are). We would love to hear about your process, your story behind making the quilt and what you’ve learned so far. Share here.

So with that, I wanted to thank you for spending your time here. Thank you so much for joining, and I am excited to see you in one of our virtual meetups or forums!

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