Welcome & Prep / Plan & Review Your Year

Hi!!!- welcome to the Plan and Review Your Year. 

I’m Becky of PatchworkPosse.com  where I share quilting tutorials and quick tips. The Patchwork Planner – which is part of this series. And,  I also have an online quilt group – the International Association of Quilters, where we sew together, support each other, explore quilt techniques and help you become best friends with your sewing machine.  You can see a little bit about what’s included while participating in this mini series or class.

I’m super excited you are here and thank you for taking the time to join me today!!

This little mini series is all about Plan & Review Your Year!!!  So excited about it. 

To help you in this series you’ll want to pick up a copy of the Patchwork Planner. I’ll be referring to the Patchwork Planner many times as we will be using it a lot in this series. 

You can find a copy at PatchworkPlanner.com 

IAQ members – use your discount code / link to purchase!


The videos in this series are from fb lives.  Feel free to join us live here: Quilting 101 fb group 


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