This year long block of the month features 8 large quilt blocks, a fun sashing and setting blocks with simple borders.

Finished size 63″x87″

It’s great for using your stash or sewing up with a specific fabric line.


January – August= 1 block per month

September 3rd- Sashing blocks

October 8th- Setting blocks

November 5th- Setting instructions

Share your Fireworks Block!

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    Steph.Otts @Steph.Otts

    It’s April and that means an new Mountain High Block. This month it’s Fireworks. Square-in-a-square blocks instead of half-square triangles. I enjoyed seeing how this block came together. Can’t wait to see everyone’s blocks!

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    Naomi Grebe @Naomi

    Ah! Finally sharing mine, thanks for starting the topic Stephanie! I love love love this block! As my blocks stack up here, I’m so excited to see this quilt come together!

    Also, I love how on yours, the dark colors make the star so obvious, and on mine, the squares stand out because they’re the darkest. That’s potentially a design consideration for people who are choosing fabric for this one right now!

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    Tracine Charest @Tracine

    I found out I’m not very good at cutting 7/8 cuts. Lost some points. But will keep it 😬

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      Steph.Otts @Steph.Otts

      Those type of cuts are always so tricky. I tend to just round up and figure I can then trim them down to fit. Then you don’t have to worry about being so exact!

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        Becky J. @whosies

        This is what I do too! Round up and then trim- works for half square triangles. Practice does help– so keep going!

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    I have a question about this block. Are the triangles that get sewn to the square supposed to be two different sizes? If so, why?
    My square keeps coming up too big, and if I trim it down, I lose the points big time because I basically end up trimming off the 1/4 inch seam allowance.
    My four patch corner squares all came out the right size. Thanks for the help! 😩

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    Naomi Grebe @Naomi

    @[email protected] Mine ended up with the points floating in space… there’s about an 1/8 of an inch all around for those. They were frustrating, I agree! The triangles aren’t supposed to be different sizes though–they are the same on the cut list?

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    Been a bit preoccupied, but I finally had a chance to go back and look at the triangles on the cut list. For color B, the eight triangles are listed as being cut from 3 1/4 inch squares.
    The triangles for color G were listed as being cut from 3 inch squares.
    Regardless, I still ended up with those square within a square pieces being way bigger than the pieces they were to be sewn to.
    I am not a newbie when it comes to sewing in general, but this piecing stuff is really making me feel like I have never sewn before now! 😩

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      Naomi Grebe @Naomi

      @[email protected] that is SO WEIRD. I recommend B and G as 2 7/8, and D as 3 1/4 (maybe even 3 3/8?). That’s what I ended up cutting mine, and they got pretty close. I think i cut my Ds to 3 1/4 and recommended having the pattern say 3 3/8 so that people could fix that 1/8 inch that I ended up with.

      You’re awesome-I am loving your blocks and seeing your quilt! I hope this helps!

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