This year long block of the month features 8 large quilt blocks, a fun sashing and setting blocks with simple borders.

Finished size 63″x87″

It’s great for using your stash or sewing up with a specific fabric line.


January – August= 1 block per month

September 3rd- Sashing blocks

October 8th- Setting blocks

November 5th- Setting instructions


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    Naomi Grebe @Naomi

    Here’s mine! I had so much fun with choosing colors and my floral statement fabric of this block. I love this floral, but I had hardly any of it, I only got a little scrap in a random scrap pack from someone. So I had to use it very wisely, and make the other two my “larger amounts of fabric” features.

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    Steph.Otts @Steph.Otts

    Love the way the yellow star stands out!

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    Steph.Otts @Steph.Otts

    And here’s mine. It’s so amazing how different everyone’s looks depending on their fabric choices.

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    Naomi Grebe @Naomi

    That is super cool to look at yours next to mine! Because I would say the “X” is very prominent in mine, but the star is very prominent in yours, all due to color! Beautiful. 💙

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    Karen Harrill @Karen_Harrill

    Block Two…

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      Becky J. @whosies

      love that pop of orange! great block, well done!

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    Carolyn Munce @Carolyn51

    I love seeing everyone’s blocks. Amazing how different they all look depending on our colour choices. This is my one. I have to say that I found this one more challenging than the first one for some reason.

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    Naomi Grebe @Naomi

    They’re ALL so pretty! I love seeing each of them. Isn’t that funny, @carolyn51? May’s block–(I think?) is very similar to this one so you’ll get a do-over! I know for me, sometimes it totally depends on me and my state of mind. I can screw any easy project up really fast by starting it when I’m exhausted or just not feeling it, haha. Hello seam ripper!

    @karen_harrill I’m so excited about your color combinations. I’m so glad you shared both blocks on the FB group together!

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    Tracine Charest @Tracine

    This block was easier for me. I really love how it turned out

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      Naomi Grebe @Naomi

      @tracine I’m partial to yours since your colors are similar to mine. 🙂 It definitely was easier!

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      Becky J. @whosies

      I really like your colors! Block looks great.

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    Karen Harrill @Karen_Harrill

    Lovely use of colors.

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