This year long block of the month features 8 large quilt blocks, a fun sashing and setting blocks with simple borders.

Finished size 63″x87″

It’s great for using your stash or sewing up with a specific fabric line.


January – August= 1 block per month

September 3rd- Sashing blocks

October 8th- Setting blocks

November 5th- Setting instructions

Share you Crown Arrow Block #1!

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    Steph.Otts @Steph.Otts

    How did your fabric choices work on the first block? I’m pretty excited about my decision to work in a monochromatic palette. Although finding a light blue that had enough contrast with the white background was a little tricky.

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    Naomi Grebe @Naomi

    Here’s mine! I’m so excited about this quilt, it’s gonna be so fun to watch it come together.

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    Steph.Otts @Steph.Otts

    I love your fabrics. The green really sets everything off!

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      Naomi Grebe @Naomi

      Thank you! I’m excited to see how these fabric choices for the blocks play out!

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    Laurie Leisure @Laurierph

    I am having a really hard time finding where I am supposes to download this block….could you help me.

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      Go to the page that says: Mountain High Block 1. The picture of the block is under that heading and also Mountain High Block 1 is under that picture. In the next line it says: Assignment Arrow Crown download pattern here: (in red: arrow crown quilt block). Click on the red words and it will open for you to download.

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    Carolyn Munce @Carolyn51

    This is my crown arrow block.

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    Steph.Otts @Steph.Otts

    Beautiful! I love the way you shaded the colors in the corner.

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    Celia Hefner @Colcelia

    I found that I had reversed 2 blocks at the top and decided I liked it anyway so repeated it to make them bottom and top match, so…mine is slightly different.

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      Steph.Otts @Steph.Otts

      It’s amazing the different design elements that emerge if you flip just a couple of blocks. It gives everyone’s quilt a personal touch.

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      Becky J. @whosies

      I love the variation and not being afraid of just leaving it and moving forward!

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    I am a little confused about what block goes with what. When trying to sort them out my eyes cross. Anyway, this is my Arrow block. I am making this quilt in Black and Tans. I even was a little confused in keeping the little blocks turned correctly and some aren’t exactly turned right. I still like, and your eyes may cross looking at it too! LOL

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      Steph.Otts @Steph.Otts

      That’s going to be a lovely color combination.

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      Becky J. @whosies

      I really like the dark fabrics! Your quilt will be stunning- and completely different from everyone else.
      For some reason my blocks switch position from layout to sewing machine. Glad to know I’m not the only one!

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    Becky J. @whosies

    here is mine!

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    Obviously not sewn together.
    I got the bottom two rows put together just fine. They even came out to the correct measurement. From there it has been an exercise in total frustration and I will be walking away from it for a while.

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      Becky J. @whosies

      I hate it when that happens- and there is no rhyme or reason to it. ugh.
      Take a break for sure. While these are bigger blocks, they do have quite a few pieces to them.
      Most of my issues are seam allowance. I really got lazy with this last year and had to start watching it again because it would mess things up!
      Let us know if you need any help- or clarification with things.
      Your block is turning out beautiful. Your fabrics are perfect!

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    Carolyn Stevens @Carolyn

    Re cutting out the arrow block. Are we to add seam allowance?

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    Steph.Otts @Steph.Otts

    Hi Carolyn, I think you already received a reply on Facebook, but the seam allowances are included in the given measurements. No need to add anything. Stephanie

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    Karen Harrill @Karen_Harrill

    Block one…

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    Steph.Otts @Steph.Otts

    Beautiful! Love those pinks.

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